; Status: Pwn3d.

“Sing praise to our Easter God:
Who changed sadness into joy;
Who took the tears of night
And dried them in the morning light;
Who rolled away the stone of despair
And placed hope forever in the air;
Who visits us beside our seashore
Teaching us always to love and adore.”

That was our Call to Worship in church this morning. It was a extremly great service, the speaker filling in for my dad ( a good family friend of ours) did an awesome job on the sermon. It was about running from God, based on Jeremiah 29:11 Extremly awesome.

Jeremiah 29:11
“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’
declares the LORD , “plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.”

When I got to church this morning…the radio equipment was completely missing, I was frantic.didnt know where it was, scince the owner/manager of the radio station attends our church, we called him to see if he knew where it was. Apparently, they had borrowed it because they had left all there portable equipment in Lexington, for some UK game or something. We got it back, and set up..about halfway through the service.

You know, it was funny…right before the service begins, this lady walks in the door and says,
“I’ve got breakfa-Ooh…oh no..heh…oooh.”.
She was bringing breakfast for Sunday school…and was an hour late…ha, yes she forgot to set her clock. 😀

Tonight, at church…I went to “youth group” a.k.a-AWANA, and no one was there. The only ones who showed up were my brothers and sisters…and then 2 other kids came later. And eventually the leader showed up, really late too. I ended up leaving early to go practice my guitar with the praise group…twas fun, they taught us a few new songs. It was such a GREAT service. So awesome, such intense worship, prayer, and testimonies. They prayed for my dad to be healed at the end, again…which was awesome. He can never get enough prayer.
(If you dont know what I am talking about go here.)

In other news, I bought the domain for $9.20 last night. Gustin helped me set it up, and suprisingly….it was working within half an hour! So now you can access this from Very exciting….well at least for me…*cough*

Also, I will have my poems, songs, paintings, art, sketchs…etc…and junk up here soon. Probally within the next day or too…look for
em soon!

Der erste Pfosten

Welcome to my brand new site, The Marque! I bet you are getting severly annoyed by the ammount of websites I have, don’t worry. This will be the main one, Ill the other I will slowly kill off, cept my MSN Space. I got this idea, to make this website from several sources, this is the website..the kind of website, design and all…I have been striving for, and looking for, and now I have found it. Thanks to Thou Shalt Not Smile, created by Jon. :D. But the person who most deffinately helped me out with the most in creating this website (actually he was the only one to help me) was Gustin. Danke schon Gustin! He is letting me host this on his server, and domain. Extremly helpful until I am able to purchase my own domain, within the next week.

Speaking of Thou Shalt Not Smile, I was the first to comment, and leave a picture on there. Go ahead and view that site, and click on pictures…and press refresh till you see my picture. Its quite different than the rest. 😉 By the way, submit your own picture, and get your friends too, as well.

Today was pretty good, I woke up…started working on this site…Cin called, and we figured out how to do a three way call with Sarah in FL. That was so great.

I was so sad, when I heard from Gustin, that The Pope had died, today at 3;00pm, so sad, one of the most respected persons in the world. And he will surely be missed!.

In other news, later today, for supper, I had the Double Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe and the local dinner…it is the biggest sandwhich in Eastern Kentucky, and I ordered it with Onion Rings. When the waitress brought my order, it was french fries and a small cheeseburger. I was like…what the heck?! And she took it back and brought me onion rings with a cheeseburger. Then the manager comes out and goes “Those guys behind the counter have been messing up SO much lately! Im so sorry!” and they set down the biggest burger I have ever seen, YUM!

Auf Weidersehn Freunden!